Army Battle Simulator (Mod Apk Money)

Form your strategy, choose between vehicles, soldiers and military forces to fly and place them wisely on the battlefield and defeat each opponent! In Army Battle Simulator, you can play against levels, custom multiplayer and real time!

 You can really increase your army, watch the ragdoll effect and play a multiplayer mode, made only for you with an advanced matchmaking algorithm. With enhanced graphics and enhanced bots intelligence, you can now experience the ultimate battle simulation!

 Features in the Army Battle Simulator:
 - Air and Land Units!
 - Ragdoll effects and physics!
 - Placement of further soldiers!
 - Soldiers increase up to three levels, with incredible equipment and statistics!
 - Advanced multiplayer ranking system for better matchmaking and custom board leaders!
 - Well-made and enhanced graphics to make the battle even cooler!
 - Smarter troops to achieve the most accurate battle simulation!
 - Amazing sounds and diverse music!

Army Battle Simulator (Mod Apk Money)

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