Case Simulator 2 Mod Apk (Money)

Try the new Horizon Case. Buy knives and weapons from inside. Buy new weapons with weapons and knives that you sell. Join prizes online. What happens here - we don't get an account on our toys. Toys for fun are created and for that, experience that luck. We just go into it, select the case and open it, and then what will fall into our inventory is carried in the application.

Unbox some of the most exotic weapon and knife skins in this brand new app. Updated with newest Spectrum 2, Clutch and Horizon cases, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Case Simulator 2 delivers great case opening in-game like experience.

 • Gloves
 • Roulette
 • Jackpot
 • Coinflip
 • Upgrader
 • Crash
 • Trading
 • Gems
 • Shop
 • Ranks
 • Profile
 • Items collection
 • Stats
 • Item prices
 • Item quality/StatTrak™
 • All cases and souvenirs
 • Drop rates based on hundreds of samples to create authentic case opening simulation
 • Trade up Contracts
 • Smooth experience, up to 60 frames per second (Where supported)
 • Simple UI

Case Simulator 2 Mod Apk (Money)

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