Flick Launcher Pro Apk

- Shortcuts application, just like on google pixel it helps you to achieve what you need in your application faster !!
- Movement, Tap to wake up or swipe up or down with a few fingers to open the application you need.
- Currently you can even activate wifi, bluetooth, ring and other modes. Everything is very easy !!
- Unique sign application key! Now you can lock the application with fingerprints !!
- Symbol package support! You can apply your own symbol package!
- Symbol size, change the size of your symbol to coordinate your style.
- Secret key lock application !! Try not to emphasize if your phone does not have a unique sign scanner, now you can lock your application with a secret key !!
- Shade a special agenda, let your creative energy run wild with special foundations, the outside and shade reviews, even your envelopes can now coordinate your style, even with a straightforward organizer, look.
- The roundabout symbol, Flick Launcher has highlighted shares to "reproduce" the notoriously cruel Pixel application style.
- Custom dock symbol.
- A boring subject, a new dim topic.
- The Custom Search motorbike, select the web search tool that you like the most, the bar will adjust it!
- Select your page bookmark with a new alternative.

Flick Launcher Pro Apk

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