Hi Locker – Your Lock Screen Pro Apk

This is a lock screen that is made depending on an established "lock screen" blend of more established Android variants, with a sophisticated Android Lollipop, combining a warning frame on the lock screen, and Material structure style. Howdy Locker will present you new and ordinary trials, very helpful for you.

 - With 3 open styles: Classic, Lollipop, iOS.
 - Fingerprint is supported for Samsung gadgets and some gadgets that run Android Marshmallow
 - What is immediate: Show / Add events, climate in the next few days on the lock screen.
 - Hi Locker is your lock screen, you can change everything with your own style.
 - Hi Locker with a smart spotlight will naturally give a little welcome to make you feel funny and inviting when using, for example, a nice morning, goodbye ...
 - Enter your name: You can enter the name or status that you like the most on the lock screen.
 - Hi locker shows notifications on the lock screen, you can easily see, or delete notifications by swiping left or right.
 - Drag "point" to the lock circle or double tap on "point" to open the lock screen.
 - Open quickly or change general applications effectively.
 - Wallpaper: Easy to change, enter or delete the background. Change the background naturally after a period of time, an unclear background when you have new notifications ...
 - Flickr: Random background from Flickr.
 - More watch UIs to pick.
 - Weather: Automatically displays climate data after a period of time.

Safe Lock Screen:
 - Hi Locker has two opening modes with secret keys, you can choose opening with a PIN or by "Drawing".
 - Supports fingerprint keys that are unique to Samsung gadgets.
 - Give a highlight that allows it to appear, hide the warning on the lock screen.
 - Murder secret phrases intelligently include: Automatically turn off secret phrase mode when your gadget interacts with a wifi address.

Hi Locker – Your Lock Screen Pro Apk

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