Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD Mod Apk (Money/Unlocked/Murder from shock)

Realm Defense is a tower defense game that challenges veteran players. Use a variety of strengths and abilities to conquer wave after wave of threats for more than 40 levels. Explore the lush forests and snow-capped mountains as you encounter an army of slime, goblins, skeletons and more.

Spread the archers fast-fire! Carve walls on a map with magical beams! A firing cannon roared! Call allies! Legends TD Tower Defense offers a variety and challenges. Overcome extraordinary opportunities with strategy and intelligence! Save helpless villagers, collect important resources and recruit legendary heroes with deadly abilities along the way to stop crime in this prominent tower defense game.

• Smolder - An impossible ally, Smolder is the only dragon that joins the Allied Empire. Exiled by its own kind for mysterious reasons, no one in the Allied Kingdom believed in Smoulder's intentions. The big lizard, in his opinion, doesn't believe that. No one doubts its immediate value for the cause.

• Fee -Victim stableboy merchant, Fee leaves the Allied Kingdom for his ancestral forest. There, he learned the art of starting and surviving. He does not have a great love for the Allied Empire or his methods. However, Fee will maintain its forest with the mother bear's ferocity. If the Allied Kingdom benefits then are it.

• Lancelot - After becoming an icon of honor, Lancelot is now raging on the front lines. Slimes killed his family and Lancelot's thirst for revenge in an unquenchable state. He had been at the forefront for a hundred battles. He hopes for death in every clash. However? He survived.

• Bolton - After a prophet but forever a witch, Bolton keeps the secrets of his past. Nobles once summoned his head. Now they are trembling when Bolton defends them. The Allied Court monitored their activities with interest, but they did nothing. Bolton suspects the worst but calls for a destructive spell too. He will do anything to save his land from the Slime.


• 40+ levels with various gameplay modes
• Several worlds to be played with 4 different towers each
• A powerful hero with unique abilities to help you: Fee the Archer launches a deadly Kill Shot, Lancelot the Knight releases the Fist of Justice, Burns the Dragon bombards the Heat Seeker fireballs and much more
• Facing epic bosses including Skeleton Mage who drives giant slime and ambushes your hero and bomb-throwing, giant riding the Goblin King
• Various kinds of enemies offer many challenges: Burn your enemies, freeze them, and more with 4 spells to use in battle
• Beautiful scenery and character animations

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD Mod Apk (Money/Unlocked/Murder from shock)

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