Valiant Force Mod Apk (Weak Enemies / Disarmed Enemies / No Ads)

Valiant Force, a highly-anticipated cellular strategy RPG (role-playing game), is finally here! Forming a team of more than 200 unique heroes and 40 diverse jobs, players are assigned to explore the vast and dangerous world of Arathos to save its inhabitants from evoking evils. Embark on an epic adventure in Valiant Force now! 

 ☆ Turn-based RPG strategy
 Test your strategic skills on the classic 3 × 6 battlefield. Move your hero to the right position, and trigger every aura of the hero. Become a true master of tactical battles! 
☆ 40+ special jobs, 200+ unique heroes
 Valiant Force offers a variety of special jobs and heroes to choose from. Form your team and choose your path!
 ☆ 500+ items to create and collect
 Strengthen your hero with a variety of rare equipment obtained from underground looting or made using materials. There are more than 500 different items to collect! 
☆ Epic boss shows
 Face the most fearsome boss monsters found in the Valiant Force in the special boss basement. Extraordinary booty awaits!
 ☆ Build and renew your Garrison
 Build your garrison for fan heroes, send them on expeditions, get more gold, gems, experience points, and more. With limited land, choose your structure wisely!
 ☆ PVP Arena
 Test your coat strength and strength in the PVP arena! Ride the rankings in the most intense strategy-based PVP system ever, and become a true tactician on the battlefield!
 ☆ Rune System
 Strengthen your hero using a grid-based rune system. Mix and match runes that will help your hero during battle. Unique unlockable passive skills waiting!
 ☆ Guild System
 Gather your friends and family to form a guild! Exclusive features and bonuses await all guild members, with more features in development.
 ☆ Masterpiece Audio
 Immerse in Valiant Force music, composed by former Square Enix veterans, Mr. Hitoshi Sakimoto and Basiscape.
 ☆ Visual works
 Amazing 2D art drawn at home on XII Braves, along with detailed 3D models

Valiant Force Mod Apk (Weak Enemies / Disarmed Enemies / No Ads)

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