World Creator! Mod Apk (Money)

Beautiful graphics, various elements and buildings, various bonuses and development paths, unique characters and many more will delight fans of the genre. They will be able to play both solo and multiplayer modes. 4-person contractions in real time bring known processes to new levels and make you think faster, and make mistakes and make mistakes in critical situations.

• • Real Time Multiplayer 4-Player realtime competition!
Choose various historical figures as your hero, build your city in the style of 2048, while giving unique skills to attack or disturb your opponent, drop their city and become a champion.

 • Watch the progress of the opponent's construction in real time, tense and exciting.

 • Everyone has different skills, such as Black Hole & White Hole Albert Einstein, Urban Renewal George Washington, which gives you the power to win matches!

 • Collect vairous skin from the heroes, fight with other players in different styles. • Increase your hero, increase the strength of your skills, overwhelm your opponents on the battlefield!

 • • Single player
From historic sites to bustling city centers, from suburban homes to skyscrapers, the rise of the United States is just a touch of a finger! With a jolt and sweep of your fingertips combine the same blocks and build American civilization across ages!

 • Including Independence Hall, Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, and more than 15 unique and aesthetic architectures, waiting for you to discover and evolve! Extraordinary buildings will present you in every evolution.

 • Spring to winter, sunrise to sunset, day to night, enjoy the view of your civilization in construction from every angle.

 • Unlocked buildings will be stored in the architecture gallery with relevant information, so you can always read it.

 • Various props to help you build a great nation
 - "Rewind" - upside down time, continue to wake up your perfect layout.
 - "Upgrade" - grow your building instantly!
 - "Delete" - delete buildings, make more space wisely to improve.
 - "Renew" - delete low-level buildings and build!

 • Give building-level tags for easy visibility into layout control.

 • Wheel of Fortune is specially prepared for you after it's finished building, to allow you to win your last chance to create the next golden age!

 • Challenge all players and friends around the world with high scores to see whose civilization is more developed!

World Creator! Mod Apk (Money)

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