X-plore File Manager MOD apk (Donation Feature Unlocked / Ads Deleted / Interface Display Enhanced)

X-plore File Manager is an Android File Manager Application with a variety of features that are super complete and sophisticated.

 X-plore File Manager is a file explorer with two views, there are two folders displayed at the same time and common features such as copying files are done from one panel to another.

 X-plore File Manager shows folder hierarchies in a hierarchy view for clear orientation and fast switching to other locations.

X-plore File Manager Features and Advantages
✔ Display two panel options.
✔ Root, FTP, SMB, Sqlite, zip, rar, 7zip, DLNA / UPnP explorer.
✔ Available Disk Map, to see which files use the most space on your disk.
✔ Available online cloud storage such as: Google Drive ™, Dropbox, Box.net, Amazon cloud drives, Mega.co.nz, OneDrive, Webdav, ОБЛАКО.mail.ru, Yandex.disk, MediaFire, SugarSync, Dump Truck, Copy. com, Picasa.
✔ Transfer SSH (SFTP) and SSH Shell files.
✔ MP3 player.
✔ Application Manager.
✔ Share files via WiFi.
✔ Manage files from the PC browser.
✔ Manage favorite folders.
✔ Built-in viewer for photos, videos, audio, text.
✔ Hex viewer.
✔ A fast photo viewer with zoom and swipe to the previous or next photo.
✔ Small photo icons for pictures and videos as well as for various types of files (depending on the application).
 ✔ Multiple choice, always available but not intrusive.
✔ View APK files as ZIP.
✔ Share, send files via Bluetooth, email or anything that supports on the device from any location.
✔ Keys and shortcuts that can be configured.
✔ Works perfectly with zips as if it were an ordinary folder.

 ✔ You can explore all parts of the device, and if you are an experienced user and your device is rooting, you can make changes to the data system, backup files, delete unwanted applications and others.
 ✔ If you are a standard user, you can choose to hide the internal memory from the display and make sure not to mess up the system. You can comfortably view the contents of mass memory on your device, or maybe a USB memory stick installed.
 ✔ Simple application manager makes it possible to view, run, copy, share, uninstall, and explore further previously installed Applications.
 ✔ Access files on your Android device from other Android devices via WiFi.
 ✔ Access from PC browser, Manage files on your Android device from your PC.
 ✔ Access to FTP and FTPS servers, Multiple servers can be configured.
 ✔ X-plore Manager can display shared folders on other computers with LAN.
 ✔ X-plore Manager can access various Cloud storage servers online and access any files. You must have an account on a supported web service, so you can access files stored online through X-plore Manager.
 ✔ Supports SSH file transfer (SFTP) and terminal shell emulators.
 ✔ X-plore File Manager contains a music player that can play music tracks from any available location.
 ✔ The main feature is managing files and folders: view, copy, move, delete, compress to Zip, extract, rename, share and more.
 ✔ SQLite database viewer, X-plore File Manager can display SQLite database files (which have an .db extension) as an expandable table list, each table lists rows and columns with database entries.
 ✔ The main interaction is done by touch screen, clicking on a folder or file to open a file or clicking and holding to open a context menu that contains options that can be done on the item that is clicked on a particular item or selected items.
 ✔ Multiple choice allows to perform operations on more files at once. Files can be selected by clicking the check box. Allows to select all files in a folder, or delete options, by clicking on the parent folder check box.
 ✔ Opening files can use one of the default viewers for the most popular file types such as: images, audio, video and text.
 ✔ You can configure the X-plore File Manager to use the System application to open files, in this case the Application specified by the system that can open certain files open.
 ✔ The archive currently supports such as: zip, rar and 7zip) are displayed as other folders.
 ✔ Additional interactions are made possible by the button bar, which is between two panels, and is fully configurable

X-plore File Manager MOD apk (Donation Feature Unlocked / Ads Deleted / Interface Display Enhanced)

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