Age of Strategy Mod Apk

FREE turn-based STRATEGY game in the era of kingdoms and knights, with more than 300 MAPS and more than 100 TYPES UNITS!  

This game is Retro like an "8-bit" game, so it's not enough, there is no fancy animation, this is a PURE ORIENTED GAMEPLAY turn-based strategy.

 - 170 campaign maps (historical ones too! Eg: Battle of Troy and so on)
 - 40 random maps
 - more than 80 types of units
 - More than 25 technologies to be created
 - multiplayer game (with options to fight AI-s)
 - reward system: collect stars, collect gems to open new types of units / buildings

In the main interface, click UPGRADES to enter, click Next to the last page, and then click Upgrade to impose 100 diamonds each time!

Age of Strategy Mod Apk

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