BLACK COMMAND Mod Apk (Unlimited Ammo/Bullets/Turn)

• Interference in Global Conflict and Turn the Flow!
Besides the main battle missions, you will commit murder, rescue hostages, protection facilities and convoys, and more! As a commander, only you can judge the situation and carry out your strategy for success amidst the fierce battle. The life of your troop members and waves of war all depends on your orders!

 • Create your Ideal Forces with New Merc, Inventory, and Funds!
To win a fierce conflict, you must hire the best mercenaries, get new weapons and equipment, and strengthen your PMC. Smart squad organizations can expand your potential strategy. Penetrate enemy lines with incredible firepower, or use stealth to eliminate only your target. Make a decision at that time also in accordance with what you see in the field!

 • Black Command is recommended for people who:
 · Like authentic military equipment, especially weapons and equipment
 · Enjoy being in the chair of the commander
 · Think military games today are not real enough
 · Like simulation games that require tactics and brain power
 · Supports in-game collections

BLACK COMMAND Mod Apk (Unlimited Ammo/Bullets/Turn)

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