Bladebound Mod Apk (skills without a rollback) + OBB

You choose where you want to direct your character in the game first! You will then enter the battle with the enemy. You will try to win all the struggles. You can use these features as well as the benefits that your enemy fights for the characteristics of your character.

An epic quest in fast-paced online games waiting for a hero! Discover the best free action-rpg with touch-based battles in a fantasy world, full of warriors, monster hunters, demons, dungeons and dragons!

 - No stick controls are easy to learn, unique for free rpg games!
 - Mysterious and magical fantasy world with underground prison hunters and dragons!
 - Console quality HD graphics on your mobile device!
 - Tutorial guide hunter is easy to get started fast!

Bladebound Mod Apk (skills without a rollback)

Bladebound OBB

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