Car Eats Car 3 – Evil Cars Mod Apk Money

Now in the game, there are police cars, they are more dangerous and well armed, need to be afraid. But the rewards for their destruction are far higher than usual. Hunting begins.

•? New opportunities - Play evil cars against police cars and civilians
•? Vehicles - Open vehicles and drones!
•? Upgrade - Increase armor, turbo, speed and damage
• ⚙ Gadgets - Discover new skills with missile launchers, frozen rays, magnets, bomb generators, and EMP generators
•? Bombs - Blow up your enemies with powerful bombs
• ⛰ Explore - Various environments and special missions
•? Social - Challenge your friends and follow them on the map
• ?? Competition - Open achievements and become number 1 on the leaderboards

Car Eats Car 3 – Evil Cars Mod Apk Money

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