Critter Clash Mod Apk (Infinite daily money)

Critter Clash is a real-time multiplayer game with the entire animal kingdom! Lions, tigers and bears, my God! Wake up your animal team to fight with your friends in the jungle!

 Critter Clash has an amazing character upgrade system feature, the best game strategy and the ability to be played repeatedly! Find, upgrade and experiment with your animal team arrangement.

 Determine animal placement and your strategy, to master the jungle! But be careful, there is no substitute for smart and fast decisions in this crazy forest. 🍌🍌

 Drop your enemies from the forest trees, and lead your animal team to victory. Use variations of weapons, tools of war and your cunning to defeat your enemies!

 Game features:
 - Compete with other players from all over the world
 - Win matches to climb our league ranking.
 - See the top player matches Critter Crash through Monkey TV and learn professional strategies
 - Challenge your friends in this animal match!
 - Make your ideal animal team!
 - Discover and upgrade variations of forest animals
 - they all have unique attacks and abilities
 - New challenges every day and every week, plus exciting in-game events
 - Drop your enemies to win bananas and find prizes, treasure chests, new animals and more!

Critter Clash Mod Apk (Infinite daily money)

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