Decurse – A New Magic Farming Game Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Design your dream island where pandas 🐼, witches and mermaids are just the beginning! BEDAZZLE, CRAFT, and FARMERS walk you through magical lands as you free the world that is submerged in water! Can you reverse the curse with the power of smile and rainbow to bring happiness to the villagers? 🌈

 • Twinkle time! Collect agmagis✨ and happiness to uncover a new foundation!
 • Oh no! Can you lift the spell that has turned the villagers into sad creatures?
 • Let's open the world! Reverse the curse to reveal unique and colorful islands!

 • 💰 Get coins and gems 💎 to beautify the city with exclusive decorations! Oll Collect balloons and get daily prizes - amazing! 🎈
 • Give way! Fill orders and complete assignments for your delightful villagers
 • Fly your hot air balloon to trade and sell goods with neighbors! Finding new friends is fun!

 •   Harvest crops, plant crops, and tend to adorable animals 🐥🥚
 • 🚜 Decorate the city with beautiful farms and parks! Come live in color! 🌺
 • Bake, grill and delicious treats for your island residents 🥖🍰
 • 🏰 Mines for rocks to rebuild homes, bars, castles and more!
 • Making, forging, weaving and sewing - always party! 🎉

Decurse – A New Magic Farming Game Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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