Dragon Nest M for kakao Mod Apk

▣ Respond to the call of awakening, strength ▣
 The skills awakening system has been updated. Use new awakening skills to fight bigger enemies!   

▣ Canyons ▣
 Infinite Dungeon "Abyss Tower" has been updated to be challenging as a party of four. Challenge monsters that continue to be stronger with your party members!

 ▣ Add K and Desert Dragon Nest to Professor ▣
 Up to 90 levels can be increased by opening the seal! Now you can also challenge the "Propeller K" Nest and "Devil Dragon".

 ▣ Once again on your cellphone, are you ready?
 Always thrilling adventures, special adventures outside the original, Are you ready to start again? Enjoy the adventure of Dragon Nest on mobile now!

 ▷ Introduction to the game ◁

 ▶ RPG, more special adventures!
 Start your adventure on mobile now! Adventures of the past and new adventures on mobile are waiting for you!
 ▶ Original, more than just a fairy tale!
 Create your own character and character in a fairy tale world Show off to other players!
 ▶ Fighting, more exciting action!
 With a combination of two previous skills and various skills, And enjoy cool and colorful action!
 ▶ Control, more duels!
PVP If the attack power is strong, the official destruction of the PvP winner! Attack power is only a number! Take control of your opponents with your own strength and perfect control!
 ▶ Friends, more than various collaboration games!
 Hunting by yourself? Now the era of the community! Challenge strong monsters with parties and guilds Feel the excitement of challenging success with our members!

 – Damage Multiplier
 – Defense Multiplier
 – You can change values while IN GAME, just put it in background and quickly edit the config file and save it!
 – MOD works in SINGLE PLAYER instances !

Dragon Nest M for kakao Mod Apk

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