Fireballz: Lava Labyrinth (Mod Apk Vip)

Fireballz is a new view of classic connection point puzzle games. You control the fireball and navigate from point to point, setting your target on fire. Doesn't sound too complicated, right? Yes, actually. Because at Fireballz, you are never alone. The ice ball tries to destroy you!

 Ice vs. Fire
There are 3 types of enemy ice balls, which create unlimited combinations and scenarios. You will feel like navigating in a maze that changes at each step. This puzzle game is not only an IQ test, but also tests your mind's flexibility.
 When you connect dots, you burn everything. The goal is to turn on your target. But beware! Ice balls can extinguish fires! Stay calm and avoid them. If you collide with an ice ball, it looks like you failed an IQ test. Vs. Ice Dynamics Fire is why every level feels so alive!

 Complex A.I. enemy
Some ice balls follow you, others cut you off. Some ice balls explode like mines, others extinguish the fire that you started. There are 3 types of enemies. Patrols navigate from point to point and if they collide with your fireball, they send it into space in small pieces. Sentinels are more complex: they also move from point to point, but they eliminate balls that are ignited in their path. But this also means you can navigate the same path twice!
 Mine is a static enemy that tests the flexibility of your brain. After a number of moves, they will explode and blow you into space! Here's the tip: You can trick them if you navigate not from point to point, but take a shortcut through the teleporter! Balls Ice balls keep you above your toes, they make your brain active. Flexibility is a must if you want to complete all levels of this puzzle game like a maze!

 Shield Protection
When you connect dots, turn on the target and complete the level, you will get an immune shield. This shield is on! Are you colliding with an ice ball? Keep calm! Active shield and protect you. Now it's your turn to send them into space.

 Relax & Relax
Our specialties are always relaxing casual games and this one is no exception. Peaceful calm will dominate you, music will flow through your soul, you will feel like floating through infinite space. But don't run out of space, keep your brain active and prove your flexibility or living ice balls will make you!

 • FREE - Fireballz is a free game and you can play it unlimited to no payment. Think of it as a fun and free IQ test!
 • 250 HAND-MADE HANDS! 8 difficulty ranges. Each level is a complex labyrinth with several solutions, where you can connect dots and turn on your target. You will never feel tired!
 • IQ TEST - only 10% of players can complete the game. Of these 10%, only 10% can do it without instructions. Fireballz covers a variety of levels, from simple to ordinary gamers, to more complex ones, like mazes, for hard-core puzzle players. Connect the dots, turn on your target, stay active and find out where your brain ranks on the Board! Your rating is like an IQ test.
 • COLLECTION - collect rare ballz skins or open new beautiful themes. Check whether your country's flag is a billable ball! Lots of colorful, bright skin to choose from. Does this "ignite" your interest? Then take your fireball point to the point, collect coins, and open them all!
 • OFFLINE GAME - Fireballz does not require an internet connection. Who says you can't play on a plane, train or bus? Let your brain active wherever you navigate. And keep calm, it doesn't waste your battery. You can even play it when your battery is below 10%.
 • BEAUTIFUL - This game looks lit! At least 10% better than everything we've done so far. Your fireball is lit and the less complicated fire FX makes everything in this puzzle game look more alive.

Fireballz: Lava Labyrinth (Mod Apk Vip)

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