Fortune Quest:Raid (Mod Apk Free Unit Upgrade)

Fortune Quest: Raid is a clicker game that increases 25 series of units to destroy giant monsters with the power of the Cube.

 ★ Game Rules

 1. Tap with your finger to damage the giant monster on the game screen. More taps, more damage. Just tap quickly.

 2. You can get War Funds and Orbs when you defeat monsters. With this gift, you can update the Hammer Tap and your unit, or you may get a new unit.

 3. If you increase the hammer tap, knock damage will be stronger.

 4. The unit automatically participates in battles and helps others. If you increase the unit, their attack power and HP may increase, or the number of participants may increase.

 5. Every 10 stages, you find a strong boss monster. If you defeat the boss, the new stage opens, and you will face stronger monsters.

 6. There are also units that use magical power (Sorcerer, Cleric, Nightmare, Summoner, Priest, Wizard). They can provide very strong magic. Increase their HP to last longer.

 7. Increase unit items to increase HP and additional attack power.

Fortune Quest:Raid (Mod Apk Free Unit Upgrade)

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