Hello Cats (Mod Apk Unlimited Gems)

Welcome to this new cat shelter and start the journey of collecting and combining cats now! Generous donations will be given from cat lovers around the world, so please invest carefully and build beautiful palaces of various beautiful cats! 

Sometimes cats will create problems and hide themselves. To catch a naughty cat, draw an adequate shape then use wisely the terrain and objects displayed in the puzzle level. You will find more interesting devices and also get great prizes as an advance to the puzzle level.

 Hello Cats, as a perfect integration between puzzle and collective games, it has these features:
 1. Images are free and uncontrolled.
 2. Smooth physics system and pleasant device.
 3. Open style puzzles, try to make your own best solution.
 4. More funny levels and amazing cats in future updates.

Hello Cats (Mod Apk Unlimited Gems)

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