Idle Car Factory Mod Apk (Unlimited Cash / Diamonds)

Face the challenges of running and managing a car factory.
Determine who will be rented, which buildings will be upgraded and what cars will be produced.

This is a very cool game, where we will act as a boss who has a car assembly company, the car will be assembled with different variations and the best will be sold expensive, our job is to manage all the components of the workshop starting from spare parts to with mechanics it can run well, this game has very cool graphics even though the size file is not so big, which is no less exciting than the Idle Car Factory game is the challenge, we as bosses must be able to decide who will be hired and who will be excluded from company, we are here competing with other players to produce cars as great as possible, if you succeed in conquering this Idle Car Factory then you have the right to be called the main president of the Company that you open.

 Develop your factory by building and improving the quality of work of each employee, essentially you will be the full leader of a car company, you are the one who manages the expenses of each activity such as financial transactions, recruiting employees and even doing cash flow from the company you lead.

- more than 200 building enhancements
- about 20 different cars
- more than 10 types of workers
- about 100 company upgrades
- more than 10 upgrades of each car
- more than 150 achievements to gain

Idle Car Factory Mod Apk (Unlimited Cash / Diamonds)

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