Idle War Mega Mod Apk

Join the fight and start your journey from District 15 to the Dark Forest, lead your squad from powerful mercenary machines to the post-apocalyptic region to fight against the strength of the most respected generals!


★ Active Battle System ★
 Improve the performance of your troops by easily targeting the most dangerous enemies and performing impressive air strikes that will wipe out the entire battalion of the opposing forces!

 ★ IDLE System ★
Prepare your team to fight when you leave. When you return to your cellphone, they will collect lots of coins, be ready to get new abilities, and be ready for more intensive battles. Grow & Train strong troops without all the mills!

 ★ Developing Strategy ★
Several Hero Units with very different strategies and skill sets. Forge your troops, UPGRADE them to be a strong army, or turn them into PARTS to do more and higher tiered units. Lead your troops to victory!

 ★ LOTS of Content ★
Enjoy abundant battlefields and many regions, epic battles, and different locations. 40+ units await you for unlimited pure FUN sessions!

1. Damage x100
2. God Mode
3. instant free chest
4. instant building income time
5. instant Territory income time
6. auto mode speed 4X
7. no energy need for auto speed

Idle War Mega Mod Apk 

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