Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Mod Apk (Weak Enemy)

 The popular anime "Kabaneri no Kabaneri" finally appeared on the smartphone! !

 ① The story is hot!
 Orthographic sequel where the original animated TV staff told and sent. In addition to the members of the armored castle that are active in the animation, the new interesting character WIT STUDIO also appears I will play a new story. "Komatsu Shohei" "Kurosawa Tomoyo" "Umehara Yuichiro" etc. Don't miss the complete sound adventure played by popular voice actors!

 ② The battle is hot!
 The animation of the highest peak character 2DRPG is fully supervised by WIT STUDIO. The battle system is a semi-automatic battle that takes place automatically. Relying on war situations, intervention with striking skills let's advance the battle profitably!

 ③ The training is hot!
 All characters can train to the highest reality! Characters that grow further can improve their abilities by awakening.

 ④ Hot equipment collection!
 Characters are reinforced by equipment with more than 500 skills randomly assigned. Let's make and strengthen commitment weapons, make the strongest weapon!

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Mod Apk (Weak Enemy)

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