Legendary Game Heroes Mod Apk (Quick Win/Mod Menu )

Legendary: Game of Heroes is the most addictive, fun & deep RPG Adventure Puzzle.  Enter the Korelis fantasy world and collect the first team of legendary heroes. Quest, fight, collect and develop in the most immersive and strategic RPG puzzle game ever.  
Match Magic - a unique, exciting & powerful match game  
• Hundreds of amazing characters to collect & evolve  
• Discover, develop & release strong skills  
• Fight with friends and share your spoils  
• Join guilds to participate in guild events, wake up your hero and receive valuable prizes  
• Chat with your guild friends and develop strategies for setting up guild leaderboards  
• Create a team to develop the final strategy  
• New adventures await with continuous renewal  
• Open the package to win rare heroes, super rare and legendary  
• Collect them all to unlock secrets & stories of Korelis  
• Master missions and get special search rewards  
• Extraordinary graphics bring the world of Korelis alive

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