Make More! (Mod Apk Money)

Welcome to the factory business, where you can get the maximum profit behind your employees' hard work!

Oh ... I mean, congratulations! You are now a factory owner! It's Time to Make More!

Every factory you build has different characters. Circus Factory makes sweet cakes and lollipops! Agricultural plants produce agricultural goods such as cattle. And dirt.

A surprise gift box will increase your productivity: You will make a lot of money faster when the boss gets a cup of coffee! And see your workers go wild with motivational disco music! There is only one direction to follow: MAKE MORE!

* HIRE workers are ridiculous
* TRAIN your workers to work faster
* BUILD a new factory that makes crazy new products
* COMPLETE all factories to get super cool trophies and make BIG BOSS happy
* CAN YOU LOOK for all the silly workers in the game?

Make More! (Mod Apk Money)

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