Manor Diary Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins / Keys)

✈️ Welcome to the home design game! Are you ready to fulfill everything on this plantation and make a suitable story or city story?
✈️You may need to do a big house renovation.   This is your land, there are many households, and there are many mysteries here, and there are also many problems. Everything here is too old, can you fix the house with me?
 ðŸš¥ · This is the best design game. To renovate a plantation you need to collect several stars.
 ðŸš¥ · Complete the match-3 level and you will get the stars and match 3 bonuses you need.
 ðŸš¥ · There are steps in the level limit, please complete in a limited number of steps. ✈️ Looks like a garden game. In this estate, you can choose the style you like. Everything on your land!
 ✈️What are you waiting for! Join us!
 ðŸš¥Manor Diary is a free match-3 puzzle game!
🚥 This is the best of decoration games!
🚥 Play a home match with friends on Facebook!
🚥 There are also many single player content!
🚥 No need to connect to the internet (offline)!

Manor Diary Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins / Keys)

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