Miracle Pororo Mod Apk (High gold/High attack/High defense/Max speed)

The first Dark Action RPG Pororo, MR! P: Miracle Pororo

 # There is no more complicated battle!
Character development system. Pororo is very fond of playing games, but the journey to save his friends must continue! Automatic actions - useless controls! Just focus on improving your statistics through training. You can adjust Pororo to your taste. Will you focus on attack or defense? What is your choice?

 # Various equipment systems
 All types of equipment and sets are available! Grow Pororo yourself miraculously. Different set abilities, appearance and effects are available for each equipment. When you complete the set, Spirit Fans are talented for Pororo! Get cute little spirits to join your fight.

 # Save your friends being held hostage!
 Save Pororo's friends who are strung together to build a strong party. As much as you save friends, the party will get stronger. Fun facts: friend skills become stronger when you upgrade! Pororo will never be lonely again.

 # Every day I am leveling!
Awakening system! Is your progress blocked by strong monsters? That's when you need to be awakened! Get Soul Stones through Awakening, and increase your equipment by using it. You will find your Pororo more magical than before.

Miracle Pororo Mod Apk (High gold/High attack/High defense/Max speed)

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