Modern Ops – Online FPS Mod Apk (Unlimited Bullets) + Obb

 Modern Ops: Squad is a free competitive FPS game with easy and intuitive controls, clear 3D graphics, and exciting gameplay.

 Play for the police, S.W.A.T. or bandits and show your combat skills in the first person shooter for Android. One team becomes Counter-Terrorists and attacks other Terrorist teams.

 Buy different ammo, weapons, and weapons, increase it, change the appearance of your weapon's skin. Increase your killing skills against other soldiers and prove yourself on each map using combat killstreak and extreme killing shots.

 Shoot to kill and make headshots into pros in mobile shooting games. Be the best killer of special forces and show all the players who are the boss!

 - More than 30 modern deadly weapons and camo booms. Choose your own tactics for combat: pistols, snipers, rifles, machine guns or rifles
 - Up to 8 players in one match. Test your speed at killing
 - Join team battles against other players from around the world on unique maps 
 - Create your own clan and enjoy 4vs4 team games in various play locations in one team
 - Compete in the ranking season and get higher league promotions among other heroes
 - Use killstreaks such as drone strikes, guard weapons, and attack helicopters. Or even UAVs, helicopter shooters or rocket launchers to destroy the opposing army 
 - Interact with other players, complete contracts and military missions
 - Intuitive controls and easy interface - slide, aim and shoot
 - Perfect optimization
 - Regular updates and new game elements

Modern Ops – Online FPS Mod Apk (Unlimited Bullets) + Obb

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