My Time Travel Romance Romance You Choose Mod Apk (No ruby consume for premium choices)

■ Synopsis
After spending most of your life aimlessly, you even get cancer and almost die. Something happened to you during your high school years, and you always feel sorry for what happened. During your school years, a crazy serial killer enters your school and kills every last student. The girl you like right then was killed right in front of you. You regret being frozen because of fear and not trying to save him. Suddenly, a mysterious person appears before you when you lie on your deathbed. He said, "I will allow you to revive your school days. BUT, you cannot let anyone know that you are from the future. If someone knows that you are from the future or if you cannot save the person you love, you will not only die, but you will also suffer through eternity in hell. " Instead of just dying of cancer, you decide that you want to have the opportunity to save the love of your past. Therefore, you decide to revive your high school days. When you wake up, you are in your teen's body once more. The girl you saw dead is standing right in front of you ... alive ...

【The Gentle Type】Emma
She grew up abused by her parents, leaving a deep wound in her heart. Emma is known around school for her pure attitude and how she is nice to everyone. Unfortunately, her greatest fear is being disliked. As she grows closer to you, she slowly gains more confidence and finds true friends in you, Amber, and Trix.

 【The Tsundere Type】Amber
At school, she is a bit of a lonely because of her “bad girl” image. Truthfully speaking, she has a hard time expressing her emotions correctly and only shows her true self to those she trusts. Although she is a girl, she has a lot of strengths and lives constantly distrustful of others. As she becomes closer to you, she begins to understand the importance of friends and of trusting others.

 【The Quirky Type】Trix
Although this beautiful girl is bullied at school, she doesn’t seem to care and lives in her own world. Constantly lost in her own world, she doesn’t seem to hold much interest in her surroundings. Although she is this type of mysterious girl, she is popular among the guys at school, leading to her being bullied by many of the girls. Thankfully, you are able to save her from this treatment. After you saved her, she slowly starts to pay more attention to everything around her, pulling her from living constantly in her own world.

My Time Travel Romance Romance You Choose Mod Apk (No ruby consume for premium choices)

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