Ninja Samurai Assassin Hero IV Medieval Thief Mod Apk Money

This epic fun game contains 13 levels. In this violent 3D action game you are playing as an angry ninja samurai. You have been hired to complete the task of the former royal general to save the land. Your main mission is to go after the real royal kills. With your trip, you will deal with his troops. To get it is not easy. There are many traps, obstacles, and enemies waiting for you on the road. Aim to collect all stars and climb where targets are displayed on your company to complete the mission.

 Mortal warriors will try to destroy you with their strong armor and hammer tigers. Every enemy has different abilities. You have to cut, kick, punch, cut them like a hero or just climb to disappear. Don't get hit if you know how to move in the shadow. Be a man and stand up against the traitor and his army who killed your king. Use an iron and gold sword, ax, hammer or bone bow to clear your path. You can buy it at the store to get gold that you can find behind the secret entrance. With super equipment, your hero can almost achieve immortality. Sneak in and wait for a good chance to hit at the right time. Your hero has it through learning Kung Fu, martial arts, fighting skills, climbing from your evil sensei.

 You are armed with a deadly sword of sword (katana) and a bow. Feel the feeling of archery and attack at the right time. Develop this skill as a player and shoot magical arrows through more than 2 enemies at once.

 Complete all levels, defeat all your enemies and become a legend. Climb up the tower in the palace and jump underwater or hay mounds to complete your battle easily. You can also choose a stealth approach and use infiltration, sneaking, your spy skills. Swim, climb, and find the secret entrance to a castle. Use underground tunnels, climb bridges and try not to be seen as true Ninja shadow fighters. Collect magic arrows to make your mission easier to get rid of anything in your path. Unaware of your paid enemy, you can complete a level like a shadow hunter rising Japan without the need to get ready and fight crime.

 - Realistic stealth and combat movements
 - bloody action
 - Beautiful background music
 - Realistic HD graphics

Ninja Samurai Assassin Hero IV Medieval Thief Mod Apk Money

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