Purrfect Spirits (Mod Apk Money)

A flash of white light, and whoosh! Apparently you are a ghost! You don't know how to proceed, so you will only spend time - with adorable little cats that visit your home every day!

 ■ Game Summary This fun and adorable title will have you:
 ・ Feed cats that come to your house
 ・ Buy scratches, towers, and other items to keep your cat entertained
 ・ Redecorate your room with a number of unique and colorful designs
 ・ Attract various Rare Cats to come to visit (spawn speed varies by item!)
 ・ Reach the goal to unlock cute manga style cutscenes (both main stories and mini stories!)
 ・ Learn more about the friends of cats and ghosts who care for them

Purrfect Spirits (Mod Apk Money)

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