Sid Story Mod Apk (Menu mod / God mode)

The ultimate fantasy adventure school at Magic School 'Lussid' in a parallel universe 

 ★ Unique Sidian to accompany you in your adventure
 High-quality card illustrations produced by popular artists! More than 700 Sidian people join you on an exciting journey.

 ★ Joy in the ears! A voice that brings life to the Sidian people!
 All star sounds from popular Japanese voice actors! Be immersed in the story with living sounds!

 ★ simple but strategic battle
Take advantage of different attributes and skills to create the best team! Mix and match the best strategy for your victory.

 ★ Lussid's Magic School is located in Time Space Rift.
The boy became a new student at school after being chosen by the 'perfect and perfect' Time Space Engine. While revealing the secrets of Time Space Engine he found a girl. His name is Moriarty. He sank from sadness because he lost his memory. The boy promised to help him recover his memory and reach out. The adventure across several parallel universes from Lussid begins here ...

 ★ Always noisy! Various content with unlimited fun!
Travel around the world and enjoy the story! Gate Exploration Play together with other users to double the fun! Sid's Student Council Circle There is nothing to be afraid of if you are with your Circle member! Boss Raid Battle Fun collecting! An abundance of features that stimulate the desire to gather you

Sid Story Mod Apk (Menu mod / God mode)

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