Starside Celebrity Resort Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins + Life)

Welcome to Starside Resort: a secret tropical island where VIPs come to avoid many problems of fame and wealth - paparazzi are not permitted! Follow this new adventure and beat level match-3 in an effort to turn a shabby beachfront hotel into a first-class celebrity resort!

 Interesting story
Coming to the Starside Resort is not just spending a few days on the beach while enjoying colorful drinks decorated with umbrellas! If you try to escape to the island, you are not only a famous celebrity in the world, but also celebrities who need a few days not to be famous. At Starside Resort, we treat your body, mind and spirit.

 Return Resort
From the docks, to the parks and buildings: everything on this island needs change to meet the best celebrity standards. Puzzles that are complete matching to complete the mission and improve facilities to build the first level resort step by step!

 Starside spotlight
• Fruit SWAP and MATCH to defeat unique match-3 levels
• RETURN Starside Resort to receive world-famous ones .
• COMBIN fruits and DESTROY challenges with strong boosters
• REDUCE VIP secrets and FIND what brought them to the island

Starside Celebrity Resort Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins + Life)

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