Super Gundam Royale Mod Apk (Always your turn)

[Special advantages]

 ■ The 11 Gases in a row can be drawn! Those who are new to the game and those who have not recently played the game only have one hyphen after the tutorial is complete! 11 successive gauze can be pulled! ※ The target is only eleven per person. 
 ■ We hold fancy login bonuses every day! Login bonuses will be held every day so you can get G-metal to attract gauze!

【Introduction to the Game】
 ■ Easy operation! Crispy battle with the tap of a button! Just tap the "Attack" and "Skill" buttons! Drop enemy planes with ultra-striking attacks from mobile suits! Gundam game application that you can play freely even at intervals!
 ■ Play the name of the serif character by the original anime voice actor! Amuro · Rei, Char · Asunable, of course, popular characters that sing serif names like Hiiro Yui, Kira Yamato, Fina · F · Seiei Banner · Link, Crescent · Augus appears one by one!
 ■ Mobile suit of the popular war participation series! Play the famous scene in the game! Gundam, ZZ Gundam, Zero Wing Gundam, Strike Freedom Gundam, Double Organd, etc. Popular mobile suits are very active in combat with easy operation!
 ■ Multiplayer battle! Match Chikara with friends, and face great bosses! Shoot powerful enemies that appear in the original like Big Zam, Geong, Psycho Gundam, Quin Mansa!
 ■ A game system that you can play quickly in a short time! Don't hesitate to play when there is little time! Many logbo items that you can get every day!

Super Gundam Royale Mod Apk (Always your turn)

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