Super Phantom Cat 2 Mod Apk (All items unlocked)

Meet Ari. He was on his way to save his sister, Ina, who had been kidnapped in the mysterious world of Phantom. He is determined. He is focused. But very creepy enemies, super powers, allies, and hidden secrets await him.

 In Super Phantom Cat 2, you can have the best Phantom super powers:
 · Bounce higher and higher to reach the sky and stars.
 · Floats on a balloon to the Wild Forest and the Alps.
 · Destroy walls, stones and metals.
 · Shrink and enlarge monsters with the touch of a finger.
 · Turn annoying creatures into ice sculptures.
 · Switch to invincible mode if danger still exists.

 Play as one of many characters, such as:
 · The main singer and guitarist of a band.
 · A dancer who plays pranks and makeup as a framework.
 · A pink-haired wizard who is a card master.
 · A funky teen skater obsessed with extreme sports.
 · An adventurous cowboy is always looking for treasure.
 · And champions from the mushroom trampling competition, juice blending and Cuteness.

 · Discover hidden secrets in the mysterious Phantom World.
 · Find various levels and checkpoints. 

This is an ice-free experience for everyone!

 And… In Super Phantom Cat 2, you can have props, which save you from the tropics. If a cat has nine lives, you can get even more!
 · Create props based on your own needs.
 · Whether you are a beginner or a master on platform games, you need these props to complete your mission.

Super Phantom Cat 2 Mod Apk (All items unlocked)

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