Talking Tom Splash Force (Mod Apk Money)

Talking Tom Splash Force is a new game that is cool and full of fun elements. Slingshot mechanics are easy to use. Instead of shooting arrows or birds, you throw a water balloon that makes a much bigger spark. Is there more fun than soaking the bad raccoon with cold water?

 FIGHT THE RACCOONS RASCALLY: Ready, aim ... spark! Take your time to shoot, then launch a big water balloon in the evil raccoon. Soak them before soaking you!

 FOR RESCUE!: Please! Raccoons have kidnapped a group of cute animals. Find the key and unlock their cage!

 TOM THE BUILDER: Raccoons have also destroyed animal homes. That only means! But when you play, you will get coins that you can use to rebuild each village animal. 

 NEW WORLDS TO EXPLORE: Battle of raccoons across deserts, forests, tropical islands and frozen ice. A new world opens when you play!

 YOUR FAVORITE FRIEND: Play with Talking Tom, Talking Angela and Talking Hank, unlock funny new clothes as you go. Tom can be a pirate, astronaut, king, and many more.

Talking Tom Splash Force (Mod Apk Money)

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