Tap Busters: Bounty Hunters Mod Apk (Upgrade Cost 1 Gold)

Galaxies are in trouble: our planet is flooded with creepy monsters, strange aliens, strange crocodiles and other creatures that we don't dare mention here. Your heroic work is to cleanse these pests and free the planets.

 This is your mission, the ferocious Tap Buster! Going far to the Universe, cleanse evil and become the best Tap Buster available! Just so you know, you will need a large weapon, solid armor, and a strong accomplice so you can go back there.

 Explore the beautiful world of sci-fi created by famous artist Noper, crowned as one of the 200 best illustrators in the world by the Lurzer Archive magazine and winner of many illustrative awards.

 Enjoy a complete RPG experience in your pocket:
- Collect a large collection of weapons, armor, accomplices
- Combine 7 elements to make a strong combo
- Jewel fuses and use them to improve your equipment
- Open destructive skills in the talent tree
- Compete against other Tapers in the Online Arena and win exclusive artifacts

Tap Busters: Bounty Hunters Mod Apk (Upgrade Cost 1 Gold)

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