Tap Tap Fist Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins / Diamonds)

John who was killed because of an accident reincarnated in another world, but he didn't reincarnate as a human or a monster, but a fist ... How will he 'punch' through this situation !?

 ◆ Free for All! Automatic boxing FREE !!!
Are your fingers hurt tapping the screen? Now you are free of pain. Boxing will automatically tapping for you for FREE! Turn on Auto-fist and drink Speed ​​Potion to attack at Max Speed.
 ◆ More than 100 boxers to use
Looking at boxing is boring? Not. We will show you more than 100 fists that are unimaginable for you to see. Something like wood, gloves for Zeus and the Dragon!
 ◆ 50 Partner Skins to choose from
There are 50 Skin Partners that look cool to choose from to be your FIST Pimp. I promise you that there are girls in this game.
 ◆ Various Friends to Help You
Higher levels and skin effects are not enough to kill the boss? Then call some friends for fans. They will increase your ATK and Potion Drop Rate and Critical Rate too.
 ◆ Hit the enemy for the specified time will activate
Rage Mode. Kicking enemies will briefly activate Rage Mode which will make all your attacks to do critical damage. Use wisely to kill bosses more easily.
 ◆ Various ways to pimp your FIST
This is not only strength, but increases your ATK Speed ​​level, Critical Value, Anger etc. become stronger.

Tap Tap Fist Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins / Diamonds)

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