TapDemons Mod Apk (Unlimited Red Diamonds / Keys)

Five hundred years have passed since the last time the demon king was sealed, and people have lived in peace and tranquility during this time.
According to the epic, something big will happen today ... A young man with blood dares to look up at the sky. He has trained the unicorn's arm, the last of the brave ones, to face the devil who will wake up !!! Suddenly, dark clouds, thunder and lightning! Don't ... Devil starts to live ???
Brave eyes with a little excitement, the brain also constantly flashes hard training pictures, thinking that the hardness before it is not in vain! Roar at the sky: "come on !!! Satan !!! My unicorn arm is thirsty !!!!"
After a while ... It just rained ... The brave man lowered his head and tore the epic, shouting "MDZZ". After the next 500 years, the blood of brave people has disappeared in history, when the devil finally woke up ...
Earth vibrates !!! The sky is cloudy !!! A world without courage will face disaster !!!
The resurrection of the devil changes the world that was originally quiet and peaceful ... Become ... Hi !!! What the devil didn't expect was that the unicorn's arm was no longer the last word, but a popular skill that young people must have in their nine-year compulsory education.
The earth vibrates and boils ... The time has come for all nations to fight against the devil !!! Our unicorn arms are hungry !!!!
You, will be a fight against the devil, the task of saving the world in your arms, young people, pay attention to nutrition !!

 [game operation]
 Very simple, click on the devil to hurt, put your hero to help you attack the devil. 

 [game features]
Saying goodbye to an unreasonable hanger requires you to use influential abilities flexibly.
The point is killing, your heroes will be attacked and killed by monsters, so take care of them and don't let them die.

 Satan is not a fool.

Devils are also very strong, will not survive for you opponents, it will also use all kinds of strange skills to attack your hero.

 [improve your hero]
Every time you attack a monster, you get experience that can be used to increase your Unicorn arm or increase the level of your hero.

 Urgent task
The game will be an urgent task for a certain period of time, the completion of the task will be rewarded with diamonds.

 [brave recruit]
You can recruit brave people to join your ranks. Every brave man has special skills. 

Profile of a hero
 Warrior: original output hero. Must kill skills: sword dance. Artifact skills: warcry. Passive abilities of artifacts: bleed.
A healing hero who heals wounded allies every turn.
Skill killing: light healing (healing all heroes and eliminating the harmful effects of them). Artifact skills: shut up. Passive artifact skills: drive away.
Archery - output hero who can attack 2 times at once. Must kill skill: rain arrow. Artifact expertise: set traps. Passive ability artifact: four arrows.
Gladiator - output hero that has a chance for attack per attack. Skill of killing: tornado. Artifact skills: dragon tiger fist. Passive abilities of artifacts: stuns.
Heroes who are assisted by Paladin provide a shielding effect on each attack. Must kill skill: god down to earth. Expertise of artifacts: gods protect the body. Passive expertise artifacts: anti-shield.
Mage - output hero who calls one element of water per turn to help in battle. Kill: thunderclap. Expertise of artifacts: polymorphs. Passive artifacts: increasing water power.

TapDemons Mod Apk (Unlimited Red Diamonds / Keys)

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