Tiny Auto Shop – Car Wash Game Mod Apk (Coins/Gems/AdsFree)

Run the smartest car shop in town! Test your business management skills and time to make your way to success at Tiny Auto Shop. Offer products and services such as fuel, cleaning, repairs, and even some car tuning features such as neon lights and nitro fuel for these SWAG customers!

 When the car reaches your store, they will come up with a problem to fix in the shortest possible time. But your work that is done well will get the attention of other customers and soon it will become one car after another! So there is no time to solve the client's car problems ASAP.

• Time management game that is easy to play and addictive for teens and adults
• Great for car enthusiasts: lots of car models with dozens of colors, decals, styles and more!
• Complete your car center with up to 5 facilities: gas stations, mechanics, car wash, tuning and shop style and comfort
• 100+ improvements available for your business
• Occasional unique mini games
• The faster your service, the more tips you win!

Tiny Auto Shop – Car Wash Game Mod Apk (Coins/Gems/AdsFree)

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