TripleHearts Mod Apk

‘TripleHearts’ is a Real Time game style (RTS). In the middle of the battlefield, win the battle with your own strategy!

 Be a battlefield commander, power groups with 4 different races have unique individuality and units follow their heroes, protect your base, and destroy enemy centers!

 Jump to the fierce battlefield of Triple Hearts now!

 - Experience intensive battles with Global players.
 - Recruit dozens of special heroes and raise them.
 - Set your own strength with the unit following the hero.
 - With your own strength and strategy control, face your opponent's combination and win.
 - Get 'Respect' points by winning battles in 'Battlefields' and use the 'Honors' points obtained to get various valuable equipment.
 - Using gold that can be obtained every day, you can increase your strength.

- SP Cost All Card = 0 ( Turn off Sound )
- SP Cost All Card = 2 ( Turn off BGM )
- Turn ON mod before battle
- Do not drop too many cards => resulting in disconnection

TripleHearts Mod Apk

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