Troll Face Quest: Game of Trolls (Mod Apk Infinite prompt)

 - More than a dozen evil puzzles that can make you want to destroy your favorite mobile device with several barrels full of fire!
- A set of new achievements awaits you. Gather them all as you show off your skills, and you will become a true hero of joy!
- Fortune likes the brave, especially on the truly legendary leaderboards. That will determine whether you are a cunning leader or just a sad farmer.
- Play the game while riding a dragon, conspire against your enemy, or just relax in your living room. You can enjoy it anytime and anywhere, you don't need Wi-Fi! 

Welcome to a world full of swords, magic, and a lot of chaos inspired by one of the greatest TV series in history. Troll Face is getting ready to work on several scenes, characters, and more of the most famous on Troll Face Quest: Game of Trolls. No one knows what will happen when he and his evil friends mock the show of naive knights, cunning queens, frozen enemies, and very dangerous dragons. Will winter come? No, but many jokes will occur after you start playing this funny point and click adventure game!

 Troll Face always pays its debts, especially in parodying TV shows, video games, memes and the world's best films! So join him in his mission full of mock when you click and use seven, eight, or maybe even nine kingdoms filled with humor and hijink. You will immerse yourself in the funniest and funniest troll adventures of our time in this reckless game where only one person can become a king ... or queen. 


 Find out if you deserve the Crown Troll Face Quest by solving the funniest puzzles imaginable. Just remember, like certain brave characters on TV shows, you don't know anything! You may need prophetic powers or magical three-eyed crows to get past them all. Only people who are destined to master this enchanted world will reach the final puzzle. Is that you? You have to play these crazy points and click on the adventure game now to find out. Oh, and whatever you do, don't forget to hold the door!

Troll Face Quest: Game of Trolls (Mod Apk Infinite prompt)

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