UNKILLED Apk Mega Mod + Obb

You will direct a personal soldier in the game. Zombies attack everywhere in the state of New York. If you act as an army you will get rid of the zombies. You will fight zombies and they will get rid of heroes who live in New York. You can use select what you want from 50 different types of weapons in the game. There are also 5 different units to help you. Claim anything for your help unit when you need help. If you want to play this game with excitement and action at the following link, you can download and immediately start playing our game. Have fun. Many of the best cellular shooters you have ever seen.

 Online multiplayer, long storyline, special ops, many unique weapons

 New York City has become the epicenter of the most fearsome zombie outbreak in the world. What is needed is a hero with fortitude and skill to take the undead and find out who or what catalyzed this catastrophic event. Start the story with one of the five unique characters who are elite members of the task force who are called to do dirty work on the streets of the Big Apple, known only as a Wolfpack. As part of a private military organization designed to find, track and eliminate any and all threats, you will dig deeper into the streets, subways, sewers and back alleys of New York. Thus, you will find a plot that is more vicious and cruel than expected. Good thing you pack lots of firearms.

 * More than 150 story missions - more for your money!
 * Unique enemies and bosses: SHERIFF, DODGER, MINESWEEPER, BUTCHER, and more!
 * More than forty-count! - weapons in 5 classes, including LSAT, SAIGA-12K, and M24 sniper rifles!
 * Get lots of skins for your characters and weapons. Become a hero with the best costumes on the zombie apocalypse!

 * Fight real opponents on five different PvP maps
 * Choose your hero for PvP with customizable skills and loading
 * Get "intel" by winning PvP and increasing your hero with a big skill tree
 * Become a Champion in league rankings and duels

 * Join global fighters and save New York!
 * Accept challenges and collect prizes: VIP, Gold, Gadget, Money ...
 * Enjoy lots of fun with various purposes of WARFARE
 * Become a champion and win extra prizes OPS SKIRMISH - Asynchronous PvP
 * Build a zombie army by completing the "blueprint" DNA
 * Clone and fix your zombie 
* Attack other player bases with your own zombie army
 * Experiment with a protective shield for your base
 * Reject all attacks to activate the automatic protective shield
 * Report Defense Streak to get more gold!
 * The overall score is recorded on the leaderboard
 * Neutral Zombies - generic missions with difficult difficulties

 * Madfinger Games's unique control scheme for mobile devices, tried and tested by millions of players
 * Intuitive gameplay: our autofire shooting system lets you concentrate on action
 * Support for multiple gamepads
 * Try the new Adrenalin feature and put your goal to test!

* High resolution soft shadows
 * GPU simulation particle effects, totaling tens of thousands
 * Textured, reflective surface
 * SpeedTree-powered vegetation rendering
 * High polygon character model 
* Post-processing effects, for a more cinematic style NVIDIA Tegra X1 Support and Features
 * 3x more particles in all special effects (death, blood, explosion, bullets)
 * All particle effects are improved
 * All reflections improve
 * More detailed real-time shadows

 * Option of player nickname
 * Achievements are constantly updated

Mod  :
1. Infinite Ammo
2. No reload
3. Can attack from far away
4. Massive Damage
5. Adrenaline enabled
6. Auto Heal always allowed
7. Increase Run Speed
8. Anti-Ban



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