WTF Detective (Mod Apk Money)

This free hidden object adventure brings you to the quest to solve the murder mystery as a special agent of the secret service along with a sharp detective and a strange paranormal.

 This detective story starts when you mistakenly accept a tablet from an FBI agent Just like in CSI, once you enter, you cannot leave. When you find yourself involved in an investigation of hidden crime secrets, you quickly learn to gather evidence and interview suspects. Guided by a high-level police officer and a causticist with supernatural abilities, you will complete one criminal case after another and improve your spying skills.

 This free HOPA game feature:
 - A deep detective story with a humorous tone
 - Photorealistic hidden object scenes
 - Picture puzzles and match 3 minigames
 - Sharp HOS with distinctive hidden items
 - A number of unique characters
 - Trendy high-tech style from UI
 - Fun game to be played offline and online
 - Cute pets in upcoming updates

 Here it is, beginner! There was no training camp at Quantico, no training. With the first crime scene investigation, you are registered with the Wonder Task Force, a special agent at the FBI. Find hidden objects and analyze the evidence collected with the help of advanced technology that you have never heard of. Think outside the box when you try to gather hidden clues. Visit the mystery home where a billionaire has been found dead and reveals a conspiracy behind the entanglement of jealousy and deception. Use the instructions to see items that you cannot find and find all hidden objects in the time given.

 Hidden scenes are cleverly mixed with bonus puzzle games that enrich hidden object gameplay. Describe keywords when you play a free word search board and solve jigsaw puzzles and other brain teasers. Enjoy the Dots mini-game in flash mode and challenge to break the safe. Spiced with humor, this free adventure adventure will keep you entertained

WTF Detective (Mod Apk Money)

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