WW2: Strategy Commander Conquer Frontline Mod Apk Money + Data

If you like war, strategy and military games, you must definitely agree. Your goal is to fight your enemies on the battlefield with military units that you control, win territory and complete missions. You can enjoy the game to the end, you can develop your mission, you can have all generals. Long-lasting battles, times where strategy is very important, different military units and many more are waiting for you

 Classic military wargame, with turn-based operations! Play as a WW2 war commander, choose camp, take part in all the famous battles in WW2's human history campaign! Use various types of tactics, defend invasions, face enemies directly, through a series of battle commands, lead your troops to the final victory! 

【Simulation & Strategy】
 It is a perfect blend of sandbox simulators, turn-based strategies, and military tactics gameplay. Display of Omni-directional World War II themes. Restore real world conflict in 1939 1945 and reproduce the global war environment for you. Random events such as guerrilla movements, landing operations, and voluntary withdrawals will ensure repeat play without end and uniqueness of each game session.

 【Building Military layout】
 Strong firing weapons provide: Cavalry, infantry, navy, armored artillery, tanks, nuclear, aircraft carriers, vehicles, submarines, warships, heavy cruisers, destroyers ...... and so on appear in WW2. Get experience in every battle. Develop your troops or increase R & D using resources from conquered territories. Various combat units provide more complex battlefield situations! Turn-based chess games require more patience and tactics. You need to adjust your arms in every turn, offensive or defensive.

 【Tactics and collocation】
 30+ Historical Campaigns: midway battles, stalingrad battles ... 7 Main Battlefield : Asia, Africa, Europe ... 2 War Conflict Camps: Allied Faction (US, UK, Soviet Union, China) and Axies Faction (Germany, Italy, Japan) 9+ large battle maps are provided in version 1 Omni-directional combat space: naval battles, air battles, land battles. 

【World General】
 Give the heads of historic countries that are famous throughout the world with different attributes and special skills like Stalin from the Communist alliance, and other headers such as Churchill, de Gaulle ... Germany, Italy and so on ... Hire and take the adventure of your generals get a victory.

 【Sandbox & Simulator】
A fully redesigned map system that supports unlimited zoom and the territories and borders of each country are clearly displayed. In addition to using strategies to defeat the enemy, you can also buy items in the store, recruit generals and build your own troops. And each troop has its own different features, masters efficiently and is invincible.

 【Open Ending】
Complete the battle then open and explore more famous battlefields. Each army can gain battle experience and when they become elite forces, the effectiveness of their battle will be greatly enhanced. The pattern of the world changes over time. Everyone can rewrite history and form strong forces, make history in this wargame! 

The State Alliance system, fighting together, becoming allies or enemies. Non-official modules provide, free creations by players! Conquer or Achieve, show your intelligence Add multiplayer mode, multiple strategic battles More time series, more battlefields of conflict, which will continue ...

WW2: Strategy Commander Conquer Frontline Mod Apk Money + Data

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