YAATA SMS Premium Apk

YAATA SMS is influenced by the true spirit of Android. This is an SMS / MMS application that has many things to offer. You can personalize and configure this application with your definition of a perfect application. YAATA SMS is very strong, reliable, and the application speed is on another level. Even with all the interesting features this application offers the size of the application under 3.9MB. This SMS application is very user friendly and fulfills the wants and needs of the main geek for basic novice users.

 · Complete Multimedia Support including but not limited to sending and receiving: Image, Video, Audio, VCard, GIF.
 · Delivery reports for SMS and MMS with options to save delivery time.
 · Group Chat
 · Send Delay
 · Convert SMS to MMS
 · Archiving
 · Delivery of Scheduled Messages (Premium)
 · Speakerphone (Premium) mode
 · Night mode (Premium)
 · Blacklist (Premium)
 · Automatic forwarding (Premium)
 · Automatic answerers (Premium)
 · Copy and paste selected text
 · A number of options when tapping a message balloon.
 · Backup and restore settings
 · Many more to be explored and added !!

YAATA SMS Premium Apk

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