Zombie Blast Crew Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins / Diamonds)

As a member of the Zombie Blast Crew, you will have many goals to achieve, but one main goal: push the zombies back. Pack your weapons, check the area, and remove any green things - that's usually a good sign. Each mission takes place in the new zone of the city, where you have to shoot zombies to stop the invasion, and use your survival instincts and your equipment to return without getting hurt.

How do you identify zombies? They are slow, stupid, and ugly, right? Weeeell, this is a little more nuanced than that. Everything is still ugly, of course, but some of them are special. Special zombies come in various shapes and shapes: some will make you hurry, some will shoot you from a distance, some will take a lot of damage before going down. They are all threats. Watch them every time - if you find it, make sure you are ready before entering!

With zombies, we are above the wind - they are not smart, and we are indeed smart. Yes, some of us. Planning and getting the right equipment is half the battle. No hero passes a battle without a sword. Big crowd? Get fire throwers. Need to keep a distance? Assault rifles may be a better choice. It's all about using your head. The same applies to our equipment. Do you pack medkit to heal wounds? Some grenades to clear the area of ​​infection? Foods to increase your immune system? Don't be in a hurry, pay must be prepared. And don't forget to brush up on your skills. Placing a few points in marksmanship will help you shoot.

 Every Blast Crew tries to take back their own city, block by block. You forget a little when you live there, but one block, it's actually a fairly large zone. There are large, open spaces, narrow streets, dark back alleys ... It's important to explore the area, expand its scope and use terrain to your advantage. Chokepoints can be good for defense, but if you are stuck there with hordes ... not ideal. This is a very large playground, with lots of resources to take and hide tracks to follow. Don't get lost. 

It might be home, but seeing it again after all this time ... it feels nostalgic. We have a goal and a pandemic to stop, but don't hesitate to accept the view too. Some nice old slices from the United States with its own view. That style is quite unique, right? Take it

Zombie Blast Crew Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins / Diamonds)

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