Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk Money

Race against the Zombie Horde who are constantly crossing the big land in a never-ending survival game. Shoot zombies in front with your impressive arsenal and watch abundance full of ragdolls! Generate zombie coins to improve your trip and weapons to get rid of the undead and show them how much you hate them.

 Do and trick land perfectly to get a boost and drive as far as you can, or you might just die a terrible death!   

 - 5 different landscapes with different views
 - The terrain is completely random (each game will feel new)
 - Dynamic zombie demolition machine (every zombie dead collision will look amazing and new)
 - 10 interesting weapons to send your enemies
 - 34 unique cars
 - 8 add ons that will change the way you play games
 - Beautiful high def graphics
 - Button & tilt control; you choose!
 - Play bonus wheels to get more zombie coins

Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk Money

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