ZooCraft: Animal Family Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

 Build your unique zoo, breed cute animals and find new species by doing genetic experiments.

 Feed and play with your animals in their habitat, raise baby animals and let visitors buy them as pets.

 Show more than 130 types of cute animals, from ordinary rabbits, wild pigs and badgers, koala bizzare, chameleons and monitor lizards to exotic babirusa and solenodon. Not to mention strange mystical animals and sea creatures in the big Oceanarium!

 Play crazy scientists in the Laboratory to get new, unusual and rare animals. Develop your collection and expand your zoo!

 Build and update zoo stalls, tourist attractions and emporiums! Design your way with colorful decorations, roads and sidewalks to please visitors and make a profit!

 Managing a zoo is hard work, completing assignments and special searches to improve your business and get new achievement status.

ZooCraft: Animal Family Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

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