AdVenture Communist Mod Apk

AdVenture Communist is built for hardworking friends who want games that work harder and dream of becoming Potato tycoons ..

The road to glory begins with glorious potatoes! Farm and collect to get more Resources and become the Noble Leader of your own Communist Country. You will attract a lot of friends to your destination so you can be unemployed but always return to an abundant country, filled with the resources you want! The Communist State never rests, but you, the Noble Leader, can with this extraordinary

- Recruit Researchers to automate your industry and improve efficiency. They put "pro" in the "proletariat"!
- Collect potatoes even when you are unemployed or sleeping. More potatoes than you can shake; and we have very large sticks!
- Get Ranking as you complete the Mission and bring the glory of Communist adventures to the whole world. Remember, one person's invasion is someone else's adventure!
- Open free daily capsules to see the noble resources provided by the Leader

- You will receive a lot of products when producing
- Production speed (Activated when auto is available) 

AdVenture Communist Mod Apk

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