Autosplit (Mod Apk Money)

Enjoy full throttle ride along busy roads and avoid obstacles by splitting your vehicle in two! When we say splitting into two, we mean it! Do 'Automatic Separation' and make your road viewers understand nothing.

 Of course, you will produce some scrap metal but who cares? You will look good when doing extraordinary actions! It's like starring in an action movie but only for cool scenes. This is how you survive holiday traffic.

 ++ Tap and hold to separate your vehicle
 ++ Time the splitting correctly to avoid obstacles
 ++ Get ready for ANYTHING! We mean it 🙂

 - Dozens of unique obstacles
 - Open more than 100 characters and vehicles
 - Enjoy a variety of road and environment settings
 - Record and share your coolest replay videos

Autosplit (Mod Apk Money)

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