Bakuretsu Monster Mod Apk (Fever always on)

Explore vast terrain and battle with monsters that appear one after another! The evolution of monsters that continues and continues, aim for the strongest! If you fight with interesting friends, you will be excited !!
 ★ super all-out battle ★
 Moving, attack is an easy operation of one finger! The rules are very easy, the person who throws the opponent wins!
 ★ Hit skills and kill one punch ★
 Let your opponent get killed with the skills each monster has! Make lots of fun and win victories!
 ★ rich individuals monsters ★ 
There are unique monsters in Bakuretsu monsters! Funny, cool and humanoids inside! What? Let's get by fighting and gacha!
 ★ Evolution of Monsters ★
 Monsters that get it will change coldly as seen in evolution! Strengthen and grow your monsters more and more and make the team stronger than your friends!
 ★ Four people go berserk with everyone! What? Aim for the strongest ★
 【Bakukuro Monster】 are all my friends, 4 battles are also possible! Can you be the strongest? - Come on, go on your opponent!

Bakuretsu Monster Mod Apk (Fever always on)

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